Regenerative thermal oxidizers  – their use in industries

As regenerative thermal oxidizers become ever more common in the companies across different sectors, it is time to recognise their traits and benefits universally. Generally, regenerative thermal oxidizers are the most often bought type of this device, being used to capture and reuse heat, which would otherwise be wasted and simply vanished. Regenerative thermal oxidizers work with an efficiency of up to 95 per-cent, which is the reason why more and more companies invest in them.

True, they might not be cheap, but will definitely play out their value in the long-term run. Let us have a look at the five key advantages of regenerative thermal oxidizers.

  • Sustainability: As the name suggests, a regenerative thermal oxidizer is regenerating (the access heat), thus contributing to reusing a natural resource. As such, it greatly helps reduce the final operating costs of companies.
  • Quality: Do not be fooled: not all regenerative thermal oxidizers are the same. Only top quality materials can guarantee the best thermal outputs.
  • Circular economy: Linking to the first point, circular economy grows larger by the day. If using sustainable practices and methods in their daily work, companies can contribute to lowering emissions and protecting the environment.
  • Heating: Using excess heat, recuperated from the oxidisers during production processes, is the best practical example of a reused resource.
  • Sanitary water: The high temperatures that are needed to proceed with the oxidation, can be used for heating sanitary water and using it for flushing and non-edible purposes.

When we speak of oxidisers in general, it is important to understand that their benefits lie in raising efficiency and removing impurities from the emissions that companies produce. Besides lowering costs, these devices significantly reduce the number of impurities and hazardous substances in emissions and gasses that are emitted during the production chains of the companies.

regenerative thermal oxidizers

A flameless regenerative thermal oxidizer is a good long-term investment

A flameless regenerative thermal oxidizer is using a mixture of waste gas, air and auxiliary fuel. This mix is passed through a ceramic media bed. As in every oxidation – the end products are water and carbon dioxide, yet the heat released into the ceramic bed of the flameless regenerative thermal oxidizer can be reused as described above. This makes the flameless regenerative thermal oxidizer one of the most interesting types of this device. The actual gas mixture is not flammable, because the temperature is kept below the lower limit of flammability.

flameless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Trust the well-known regenerative thermal oxidizer manufacturers

Only the top-end regenerative thermal oxidizer manufacturers can guarantee that your investment will be an a long-term efficient scale. Therefore, doing your research before choosing your contact among the regenerative thermal oxidizer manufacturers is a must. The Slovenian company Procesni inženiring has gained international recognition in the production of innovative products and services. Its signature lies in the focus on successful mutual cooperation with its many business partners from across the world. The integrated solutions for clusters of companies of individual orders that they complete have led to the establishment of a wide network of satisfied demanding clients across the globe.

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Betting on Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Equipment for better environmental care

Not only does Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Equipment follow the latest technical guidelines and research advances, but it also complies with strict environmental standards that should be respected in terms of emissions and protecting the environment. The main advantages of Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Equipment are the following:

• There is no CO2 being produced from the fuel
• There is no need for a gas connection
• The design of the device is simple, while its size is small
• The installation is simple
• A very high efficiency in view of thermal recovery
• Low energy consumption
• The maintenance is light
• The level of reliability is very high, around 99 per-cent.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Equipment

Regenerative thermal oxidizer efficiency: five three factors

The key three factors affecting a regenerative thermal oxidizer efficiency are:

Temperature: the temperate in the combustion chamber of an oxidiser is over 815 degrees Celsius, which guarantees the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Residence time: the flow of air through the device should keep a constant speed and power. When the flow remains unchanged, the combustion chambers provide longer dwell times, usually lasting between half a second and a second.

Turbulence: the VOCs should trigger oxidation in the chamber, when being mixed with oxygen and heat. This breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water as end-products, the side product being heat that can be reused.

As companies need to comply with ever-stricter legislation regarding emissions and environmental protection, oxidisers can help meet the standards and extend the acceptability of production processes and products. The experts at Procesni inženiring will do all it takes to help your company make the best of these processes. Surf the PI website for more contacts and information!

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